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Get involved for free as a volunteer:

Volunteers cannot also be participating in the tournament as a player or coach.

All volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Volunteers will be provided with all of the necessary equipment for their position (scoreboards, scoresheets, whistles, walkie-talkies, etc.) Volunteers should pack plenty of snacks and water.

Volunteers will get cool t-shirts!

Volunteer Position Descriptions:

Event Headquarters: This position involves good organization and customer service skills. Here, volunteers will help with team/player check-in; make sure all Consent Forms are signed; provide teams and players with their unique tournament bracket, t-shirts, maps schedule and court assignments; provide general event information; organize volunteers; help “free agent players” to sign up; collect and safely store official scoresheets from all games; update brackets; sell event merchandise; etc.

Court Monitors: If you have ever refereed organized basketball and/or played at least 3 seasons of organized basketball please consider volunteering as a Court Monitor. In this role you will help to referee games – calling fouls, awarding free-throws, keeping the peace on the court and helping games go fairly and safely. Court Monitors should review the Official Game Rules & Regulations to make sure they understand the game format and are confident in their ability to identify (at game speed) the types of fouls outlined.

Scorekeepers: This position involves watching lots of basketball! They will keep the tournament on schedule, making sure games start on-time. They will run the 20-minute game clock using a stop watch and Flip-Score Scoreboard to keep track of each team’s points. They will fill out an Official Game Scoresheet for each game and make sure that scoresheets are turned into Tournament Staff. They will make updates to the fillable paper Tournament Bracket of which their court is participating. They will support the Court Monitors and should be familiar with the Rules & Regulations. They are authorized to call Technical, Intentional, and/or Flagrant Calls. They should strive to be un-bias and call a fair and safe game.

Support Staff: These volunteers are our Jacks-of-all-trades! They will help official game scoresheets get from the playing courts to the Event HQ. They might help teams find free-agent players in a hurry or deliver pinnies. They might be asked to be a relief scorekeeper for a few hours and/or spend some time helping at the Event HQ Tent.

Event Set-up/Break Down: These volunteers get a free workout! They will help measure and mark courts with tape, place hoops/baskets and properly secure them, they will help move tables and chairs and tents where they need to go. This position requires lifting 50+ lbs, squatting, bending, reaching, walking, kneeling, using hand tools, etc.